To glorify God by exalting Jesus Christ in everything we say and do. That includes being obedient to the commands of Jesus Christ; every one of them. 

Jesus commanded us to make disciples of people from every ethnic group and language on earth. We believe that is the main command given to the Church and our aim is to fulfill it.

In order to do this, some must go as missionaries to foreign lands to proclaim the good news that Jesus has paid for the sins of the world. Three families from our congregation have been called by God to do this. They have surrendered the comforts of living in America and have moved to other countries to start churches.


To serve our community as Jesus served his disciples. We want to be a blessing to our area so that they will understand the greatest blessing of all: that Christ died and arose for them to inherit eternal life.

With that goal in mind, we seek to be salt and light in the Midlothian community and are actively pursuing our neighbors with the Gospel. We desire to plant more churches in the surrounding area.

Results of our purpose as it is accomplished

As this purpose is fulfilled, we believe the result will be:

  •     New Churches being planted worldwide
  •     Strong, joy-filled family units
  •     Youth with Biblical convictions and character 
  •     Positive inspiration for all
  •     A strong, vibrant Church
  •     Believers standing for justice/opposing evil